Roku OS 9.4 Provides New Ways to Access Content and More Voice Options


Roco. Now's a bunch of new hardware and even a new APP. The ROKU STREAM BAR is the latest in Roku of audio products These are products that you know take your dumb television with its simple speaker and give you a little better audio stream bars. Kind of a mid range one this is meant is the entry level versus the Smart Bar, which is a little more capable. The stream bar is a fourteen. Inch sound bar running roku Os capable of streaming four K and HDR content The stream bar can be paired with roka's wireless speakers and a sub Woofer from Roku if you want to add surround sound but it's got four channels to for voice front facing the two side channels to kind of give you a little bit of a room filling sound the stream bar will cost one hundred thirty dollars shipping mid October. Also at brand new top level Roku, streaming box, the ultra. Just like the old ultra but this one's got new features for instance, Dobie vision hd are for the first time I had down as WBZ. In, HD are Bluetooth support. So you can send audio from your phone or Hookup Bluetooth head Suppose first-timer Roku is at Bluetooth price staying in the box first time in the box price days of ninety, nine, ninety, nine, same as the old ultra. And both these devices the sound bar and the new ultra support airplay too. So, if you want to watch HBO Max on a Roku, you'll be able to cast it from your IOS device as one option. Roku also announced plans to bring. It's free ad supported on demand streaming roku channel to. An android, you can get it as part of the ROKU GENERAL APP, but there's going to be a standalone roku channel APP now. Where you can just watch all hundred, some streaming channels, I think they've got hundred fifteen or so channels on there.

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