OOPS! I Screwed Up!


It's a big podcast David Hooper here. In when I was a kid maybe fifth or sixth. Grade. Junior high. I was doing something stupid. And I got caught by a teacher wasn't just any teacher it was the principal of the school. talked my way out of it. The next day I was bragging some friends about what a smooth talker I was and what an idiot the principal was. I was in art class and we these huge tables. Maybe I don't know three or four kids at a table. And when she picks you this. The Art. Room, it was in a house. That was next to the school. My school was in urban neighborhood and I guess there was a house next to it or something they bought it run out of room. Made it offices and made it the art room. So anyway, I'm in the House for art school, but it's on the third floor. It's in the attic 'cause they did all their business downstairs it all up stairs, and you had to go up several flights of stairs. Very narrow. This was before. Ada. It wasn't easy to get to you, but it's kind of cool for a kid because you felt you were safe kind of hanging out and I got my friends they're around the Big Table and I kept going on and on that. Then, I turned around and she was right behind me at the top of the stairs you come out of nowhere because that's other thing worked imagine going into your attic and you're right there anyway a turnaround she's right there. And I taught my way out of that sort of. Not Really Fast to a couple of days ago. I got this episode of building podcasts with Dave Jackson that are released and always download my own episodes I. Subscribe to my own podcast because I want to make sure the feed is working sometimes I listen sometimes I don't happen to listen to this one and I'm hearing sloppy edits. Thought to myself that's Weird I. Guess I decided to keep things loose. Talk and things like filler words. Apart when I asked David question wasn't clear on it or stumbled or something. I asked him the question again normally, I would add those things out and thinking to myself man sloppy edits then interview ins and Dave and I keep talking and that was my ocean moment. I knew at that point this is the raw tape. I think what had happened is I was in the middle of netted got distracted by something else. I should have gone back to it. I didn't. It seems like an easy thing to remember. But because this was a three part episode, it's got confused in way back to the tape I'm listening to. The interview ends. Dave. Keep talking and I think to myself I. Hope. I. Didn't say anything bad. And I didn't. Just. A word that I'd normally be out I said. And then Dave said. And also said mother And then I said. And then I said I think. Is a mother. and. I'm kidding but I did say which on this podcast should have been beeped. Because this podcast is classy like that. Lesson number one from this episode. Assume all Mike's are hot. The message is being broadcast and everything you say is on tape. But there was a second mistake that I made in that episode to completely screw up the sequence of things. You probably heard something that I call the double intro. This is pretty common. Where somebody does an interview? And introduced the guest. Hey, we got Joe Schmo from Blah Blah Blah dot com. He's a good friend of mine and today we're GonNa talk about Blah Blah Blah, welcome Joe, you got that introduction. But before that, you got the basic intro to the podcast where somebody will come in and they'll say something like, Hey, I'm David Hooper and this is the Joe Schmo Blah Blah Blah podcast. Today we're actually interviewing Joe Schmo he's the king of Blah Blah Blah and JOE SCHMO DOT com. Here's the interview you. You're a sound effect and then it goes to that previous recording that I just mentioned hey, it's David. So you repeat the same thing that's the double intro, and it happens usually because people are doing things at a different time. That is exactly what happened with the Dave Jackson episode. Not only was I doing something at a different time. It caused me to lose track of where I was in the editing process because this was a three part episode I had an introduction episode I had the Dave Jackson part of the episode and I had the Larry Roberts part of the episode things got really screwed up for this three part series a record, the Larry I then I did the one with Dave and then I did the intro episode but how release things how you heard them With, you heard the intro episode. You heard the Dave episode. Then you heard the Larry episode. So instead of one, two, three, it was three to one and that's not a huge deal except that I mentioned something on the Dave episode. which you hadn't heard yet I talked about what had already happened on the Larry episode that hadn't been released yet. Another one of those things it's not a huge deal, but it's worth talking about because when something like that happens, it breaks up the fantasy. That the podcast or radio show whatever you're making is a well oiled machine. It's like you hearing question being repeated again. When you edit that out, it makes the Ho- seems so much smoother. You like man that Guy's great on the Mike he knows exactly what to ask. Not In real life. If you heard the mistake that caricature that you think is real that's blown. As lesson number two here. Sequencing is important.

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