CK Goldiing explores 'telephobia'



You afraid of having to make a phone call that something called telephone. And a podcast in the UK has exploited by ringing people at random. The worry about it later podcast is hosted by CK golden and we linked to it today American public media and revolve podcast serve announced their to make spanish-language podcasts brains on NS. Spaniel will be their first release press release says it'll be available exclusively on a major podcast platform that will be announced this fall. Wonder if that begins with A. Toast fireside has launched the fireside pro plan, which they described as a plan for podcasters who are becoming serious about their show. The plan includes a number of collaboration features and enhanced analytics. Acosta's launched a feature allowing listeners to rates podcasts in the CAST APP. Since launching this month, people have left more than forty five thousand in-app ratings for nine thousand different shows. podcast down online takes place on October twenty, six virtual version of the popular across Europe podcast event speakers include lawn. Woods from Ear Hassle Julie Shapiro from Radio Topa Steve Pratt from Pacific content and me if you want money off and there's a special code in our show notes newsletter today if you like free promotion to your podcast, International Podcast Day two, thousand twenty is on September Thirtieth Hannah's a gold sponsor podiums wants to showcase your show. During this session, we linked to more honoring the best of the European incident. The lovey awards are still open for entries. If you thought you'd miss. The opportunity to enter their eleven new podcast categories they've a grace period until the twenty fifth of September spotify has announced its latest content deal with quotes, the Internet's longtime favorite comedic personalities and fashion and lifestyle icons. Ricky Thompson and Denzel Dion for an upcoming podcast series influences apparently lemon artem media switching from Westwood one two stitches midriff AD sales westwood one has picked up inside of you a podcast with small actor, Michael Rosenbaum, and the economist posts in this week's issue that podcasting provides a space for free thought in China we linked to that today to from our show notes and Dr. Newsletter. And Cost News pop culture happy hour NPR's entertainments and pop culture round table podcast is to go daily later this year and announced a fourth co host Asia Harris. and. Worldwide we so dependent on our phones, our computers and the Internet. What happens when you don't protect yourself online criminal domain a new podcast from ample talking to victims of cybercrime in podcast con presented by. Norton lifelock

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