Sam Pittman won't reveal starting QB until Kirby Smart does


We cannot wait to talk to coach Sam Pippen next he is joining us live from Fayetteville and coach It's always nice to talk to you. Thanks for making the time and how's everything going Oh. It's my pleasure to be here. It's going great. We've we're into practice going to have a scrimmage tomorrow practice seven and it's been a lot of fun. Well I know there are a multitude of questions you may have the answer you may not be able to give us but Callers that we get from Arkansas. When are you going to share with US your starting quarterback? Whenever Kirby smart shares with US via starting quarterback. It's GonNa be a Georgia. That's a good. That's a good answer. You know I don't know. You know we we've. Had A couple guys running. In there with the ones and so what aside you know we're only six axes in. So we have a couple of scrimmage to go through and things of that nature. So. We certainly have an idea who who the top two guys are and we'll figure it out soon.

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