Episode #46: My Interview w/ Rob Kibbe on The Musclecar Place

Talking Mopars


It's so accurate. It was. Back then. Brings Back a lot of fun memories so. For me and I don't know if I'm GonNa Pass Your Mo- part task but mine totally came from TV I'm sure you know this. I fell in love with the dukes of Hazzard as a kid like a lot of kids from my. and to me the generally that charter that body style it, it's not even a car. It's like human. It's so good looking like superman combined with a lone rangers horse I mean it just. It's more than a car and that's what got me interested in learning more about Mo- pars period. So I kind of like all muscle cars in general I grew up in the GM family. That's still probably my first love but I've now had them all but really you know I finally got a sixty nine charter. We've made a really accurate season two era from the hazard generally out of it I've learned a lot about it my first experience though personally with mopeds and I'd be curious if you had one of these two was actually kind of like a roadkill experience my family had a late seventies twenty, five foot long RV. And the power plant was a four forty and that meant all of the running gear stuff was Chrysler. So had an meter on the DASH, right? I mean it had a full chrysler basically one truck running gear up front. That was my first experience with it. How about you have you ever run into like RV's is that important to you? That's also where four forty came from those the first forty forty I ever saw you know my dad never owned a dodge. But they're so prevalent when it comes to getting those big blocks or even three sixties and whatnot, you can get those in RV's, and now I see so many old mo-. Par powered. RV's that are basically free with the complete drive trains, and then you know I know that a lot of people are taking advantage of that and that's what I would suggest if you have an old moped and you're looking for an engine and drivetrain. In need one, go scour your local classifieds and chances are you're gonna find a very reasonably priced old RV maybe even free told your house in Gut and take all the power train out of it and use it for your car. Our show writer Scott STAPP he bought his dream car. The car is chasing for a long time. I think it was a neighbor sixty, nine charter he got a four forty four out of an RV. And he brought his claptrap Rv home and he just cut the RV apart to get to the border I mean it was just. Cut It up and throw it away when I got rid of my family's RV. I've felt pretty bad about it and I remember I took it to a donation center which just happened to be a junkyard. And I told them. Could you maybe not cut this up? Because some had to come back and get the engine. That's funny. I don't think that they listened to me but. We'll tell you what I would like to get a little more education here. I'm not sure if you'd rather talk about the Mo- part hunter side or just start walking us through different. LINEUPS powertrains actually I do know what's the Mo- par hunter. What does that mean? So as a kid going back to my childhood, I spent a lot of my free time looking at classified ads from auto trader. Car Trader Deals on wheels any publication that I could get my hands on the head classifieds back when they were still black and white and when you're done reading them, you'd have black ink on your fingers. I have always been a car guy that I just love looking at cars for sale I don't know what it was my dad and I used to go to car dealerships. You know a classic car dealerships and just look around and I was always so fascinated with it in two thousand, fifteen I had gotten a tip that at my local pick and poll, there was an old dodge and that's all the description I gotten being curious I went and looked at it and I was on social media at the time as well and I remember posting about it and I tagged. Hunter. None of my friends are Mo- par guys as much as I am none of my real close personal friends and I wanted to talk to more MO- part people. So I thought you know facebook is so big and social media is so huge that why don't I start a facebook page and share the fines that I find you know whether it be out in the real world or on craigslist I. Am a huge fan of the I spend way too much time on craigslist I'll be honest every week multiple. Times a day. I'm checking craigslist ads. I've got notifications on so many different sites that sell cars that you know my phone's constantly flooded but I started sharing all these cars that I was finding on craigslist that I thought were interesting. There's no rhyme or reason what I did it was mostly like, oh, this one's cheap or this one's really cool but I'm not in the market to buy any of them. So I just post what I think is interesting or conversational, and with facebook it's interesting to watch how.

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