Microsoft plans cloud push with foreign governments


Do have some news here on Microsoft's CNBC's Jordan novick report that Microsoft is signing deals with foreign governments to offer cloud packages. This would be sort of like the bundle. Remember it simple for the dod the Pentagon remember there's that Djeddai contract with up to ten billion dollars over ten years that's being contested by Amazon Microsoft. Already has relationships with foreign governments. We don't know which ones yet here this could evolve joins understanding is this is going to be formally announced later this year, of course, we know in that cloud infrastructure intrastructure market Amazon. Go head to head in two thousand, nine, hundred Amazon control about fifty percent of that market and Microsoft and told about fifteen percent of it. Microsoft shares no ticket high here in the after hours Brian Back to you. Right up one point, four percent just thank you very much. All right. By the way for more than Microsoft's cloud feelings, you can head over to CBC Dot Com read more about that story that Joshua's talked about from our crack team. They're more yet another stock not as not not as superlative as apple, but certainly has been a monster of a moneymaker. Well. If you look at a five year charter Microsoft. Better chart so. The turnaround there that started a few years ago under such Adela has been all about the cloud has been all about enterprise like Microsoft teams is going to be taking market share. There's there's a major argument that you. You'd be buying that selling zoom as you look to to even just where I think some of the big tech giants will probably push around companies like zoom. So Microsoft is is as far as I'm concerned. They are the other company to be talking about in in this world of of Mega Cap Tech. This is the multiple that is you know depending on what you think you should be paying. Thirty two to thirty five times is that cheap? Well, they are taking market share in the cloud. There's no question that they are beginning to to really dominate but as your. Gaming is a billion dollar business and Microsoft clearly is is navigated the the regulatory environment. The irony is, of course you know. Back, in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, they were the ones that really started this. I think this focus on big cap tech and they're the ones that seem to be navigating best right now. Care Certainly. So be cared quickly go back to you talked about Apple Peter Lynch model like I love my phone. So I'm GonNa Buy Apple you don't hear a lot of people say man I really love that outlook. Oh, I couldn't live without excel. Zoom player I'm kidding on that one there an enterprise everybody deserve. The same kind of a French in that a consumer is going to or maybe more. Well, I. Think your point's well taken that in this environment where a lot is driven by narrative and. Just getting that attention of the so-called robinhood traders Microsoft isn't necessarily that exciting, right but look at the business that had has it's got great contracts coming up in contrast to Amazon. It appears that it's got kind of the tap on the shoulder from the government to go out there and get these contracts. I mean the government talked about them buying TIKTOK. That's a that's an acknowledgement that Microsoft has got a bit of a regulatory governmental tailwind to it. I agree ten listen it's it's over maybe it's over valued it. It was my pick few weeks ago when I did the fast pitch or whatever that thing is we did and I one and I'm still riding high from that and I would still apply Microsoft.

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