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Her dear friends. Her colleagues. And her court family. We all send our love to you. And justice. Ginsburg also loved the court. To which see so devoted her life. Court. For all of us. It was Justice Ginsburg tenacious hope. To preserve the integrity of the court. Today. She makes history again. As the first woman and the first Jewish woman. To lie in state. Today we stand in sorrow. And tomorrow we the people must carry on just the skins Birds Legacy. Even as our hearts are breaking We must rise with her strength. And move forward. She was our profit. Our North star our strength. For so very long. Now she must be permitted to rest. After toiling so hard For every single one of us. May the memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sitara Hall, but Sarah Leah Forever and ever be a blessing. God, give us the strength and bless us with courage. Intelligence, the bravery And the unbreakable resolve. To pursue justice. Mommy. A reflection from Rabbi Lauren Holt's blood. At a memorial service at the United States Capitol for just just a bit better. Ghengis Denise Graves, accompanied by Miss more award Recede best, too. Distance with a would give it Just to Teo. They have no thing, Tio. Cool hero. No dignity, which The mezzo soprano Denyce Graves, a friend of the opera loving Justice Ginsburg performing at her final public memorial service at the U. S capitals until that's according to pay your respects. But the sergeants at arms staff A memorial service has come to a close. And as you heard, the public address announcer say the Mourners in attendance and statutory hall now get to pay their private moments of respects to the late justice Ginsburg, whose flag wrapped casket Is there on the Lincoln cattle flack? For a private burial at Arlington National Cemetery. ABC is Jordan Phelps took it all in with US, Jordan Karen grab Lauren hot spot. They're offered a poignant reflection on Ginsburg life. She said that for Ginsburg, justice did not arrive by a lightning bolt but dogged resistance, recalling one of her most famous quotes that real change, enduring change happens one step at a time. Aaron, this is just the last Public solemn moment in remembering Ginsberg's life we're seeing today before the real political battle kicks off tomorrow. Now we're seeing members of Ginsberg's family walk up to the casket paying Our final respects here in this ceremony. ABC is Jordan helps with us from the capital. Where the quiet memories Of Justice Ginsburg. Or through the heads of Mourners, as they say a final goodbye. I wouldn't mention the replacement for Justice. Ginsburg begins tomorrow when President Trump is expected to make his announcement of a nominee. Our White House correspondent ABC is Karen Travers character. And the president says he's going to do this at five o'clock tomorrow from the White House Rose Garden. He's not giving any hints as to who he's leaning toward. But he has said it will be a woman, he said. He'll be a very talented and brilliant woman. Sources tell us, though, that Amy Cockney Barrett, a federal judge out of the Midwest, is the leading contender at this point president sat down with her at the White House earlier this week were told it was a very good conversation. But he was continuing to have discussions with senior officials and potentially meeting with other candidates over the course of the week, though he was not committing to any of that publicly. Stay tuned, though one more day. The president will make this announcement tomorrow. And then the battle will shift to Capitol Hill, where Lindsey Graham, leading the Senate Judiciary Committee, is promising a very quick turnaround on this confirmation. The president's has said he wants this done by Election Day. We're now less than six weeks away from that. ABC is Karen Travers, our White House correspondent. On Capitol Hill right now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Are standing in front of Justice Ginsburg's casket, their heads bowed in private reflection.

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