You congest count on some proven steady point guard play in a big spot and the Lakers


Region, Rondo. You congest count on some proven steady point guard play in a big spot and the Lakers 22 Syriza's Wait there for the 31. And I don't think the Nuggets are coming back for this 31. I got all the respect of the world for the Nuggets, but I don't think they'll come back to this 31. And that is the sign of an elite team, which the Lakers are led by two elite players. Standing by for our headlines this morning is Andrew. Bogus. Vogue's Good Morning D E. A Good morning. You are not alone in being impressed by those other Lakers here is Nuggets, said coach Michael Malone after game for last night. They had six double figure scores tonight. You know LeBron and you're going to get theirs, but we can't let Kuzma Howard K C P and Rhonda all haven't affected Koosman scored 10. Dwight Howard had 12 and 11 insert into the starting lineup. 13 points for continues. Caldwell Pope and Rondo 11 points and seven assists, plus the 34 from Davis, the 26 from LeBron. Put it all together. The Lakers won won 14 108 the Nuggets again in a 31 whole another big night for Jamal Murray 32 points and eight assists. But as you mentioned Nicole, Okay, Chad, just 16 with seven boards. The Lakers can win the West tomorrow night. The heat can close out the Celtics this evening there. Game five at 8 30 Eastern. The Miami Dolphins race to a 21 7 lead in Jacksonville on Thursday night Football, then barely looked back. That's what head coach Bryan Flores wanted Something way you're talking about. I think our staff did a good job offensively Defensively kid in Game one short week. I'll get you guys ready to go Floors got three touchdowns from Ryan Fitzpatrick, two of them throwing one on the ground. The 31 13 final gets Miami. It's first win of the season and it's first double digit victory since December of 2017. Jacksonville got zero TD passes but two turnovers from Gardner Minshew, his

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