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Says it will be a severe public health threat of tonight's campaign rally in Newport News with the president goes forward as planned. The crowd of about 4000 expected to turn out for the event at the new produce Williamsburg Airport. Or warning, also said the rally would violate the governor's executive order on the size of gatherings. President Trump rallies Thursday in North Carolina and in Florida, where he praised police officers. Every year. Dozens of courageous police officers like lay down their lives. The people that they never met people that they don't know people they never saw. In most cases, right, they laid out their lives for people. They never met their incredible law enforcement. Let's give them a hand. Joe Biden had no public events scheduled Thursdays, he concentrated on preparing for next week's debate. A new poll from Christopher Newport University finds Joe bide with a five point lead over president Trouble among likely voters in Virginia.

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