Scholarship. Often students struggle with finding unique and creative volunteer opportunities. And today scholarship tip combines two things in that is community service and scholarships end. So I wanNA talk with you about do something dot org. On they offer scholarships but the way students earn scholarships is through community service. So I like to use the page in two ways not just for the scholarships, but it's also a great resource to help soon, think through some service projects that they can be a part of me launch on their own or at least get involved to. Win. One of the do something scholarships. So the way they do something scholarships work for students who are twenty five years old or younger than they live in the US or Canada. They're going to school or planning to go to school. they're able to participate in this community service scholarship. There's no essay, no GPA requirements recommendations no. And the other nizing as you can enter multiple scholarships at the same time So the organization is very generous awarded over one million dollars in scholarships over the past six years with over three hundred winners. And you know if you win and you're not in school yet, they will hang onto that money for you until you graduate and go to college. So I did an episode where I interviewed a do something dot org that's episode Number One, twenty three and I'm going to include that Lincoln the show notes. So definitely check that out because you learn a whole lot more about this scholarship and the organization and how their scholarships work, but they have scholarships all the time and this is really good because often. Younger students will say you know maybe if sixteen or seventeen year old maybe ice will more junior may say you know I wanNA start applying for scholarships want to start. Working towards winning scholarships. What can I do? This is a great one. So definitely, check out do something dot Org and learn how you can earn scholarships through community service. Thank you for listening to this week's episode of the Scholarship Shark podcasts if you like to reach out to US visit us at the scholarship shark. Dot. com. So, join me next week for more tips on college admissions and scholarships.

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