What Patients Are Saying About Antipsychotic


In the early nineteen nineties about half of US patients with bipolar disorder took lithium now, it's closer to fifteen percent and the use of antipsychotic says more than doubled to fill that gap. A new survey reveals what patients think about these newcomers. This was an online survey of two hundred US adults who by their own report were diagnosed with bipolar one disorder and had taken an antipsychotic within the past year. Era Paul was the most common followed by Qu- Pina Spirit Own Olympian and Larizza on there are others that fell off after that. Overall people were satisfied with the efficacy but dissatisfied with the tolerability ninety, eight percent had at least one side effect on the NS psychotic and most of the side effects were not trivial. Ninety two percent felt the side effects had a negative effect on their relationships. Patients were embarrassed by the side effects. Particularly, anxiety weight gain followed by involuntary spasms or movements and trouble concentrating. I'm reminded here of Dr Magas Warning in June twenty nineteen issue on side effects that patients are not likely to put up with a side effect that they find socially embarrassing. The side effects that bothered people the most worrying Zaidi with gain and feeling like a Zombie or having no emotions And the rates of these three burdensome effects were large in the seventy percent range. ANTIPSYCHOTIC side effects carried over into all areas of life family, romance friendships, and work. Thirty to fifty percent felt that the anti psychotics impact their job sixty to seventy percent felt that the bipolar symptoms impacted their job. So from the patient's point of view, the side effects are a little better, but almost as bad as the disorder itself in the workplace. The bottom line while the PDR can tell us what side effects to expect surveys like this. Tell us just how damaging those side effects are. And the numbers here are much higher than what we see in the PDR. What's unclear is whether lithium or the Anti convulsants would raise the same level of complaint in

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