Finding The Rain Of Compassion

Tara Brach


Invite you to close your eyes for a moment. And the new be guiding you a very brief taste. Of. A Meditation I called the reign of compassion. And I invite you to on your own. Take the time. To drop into it more fully. Sitting away way that allows you to be relaxed and alert. Scanner Body see if you can let go of any habitual tension you might be carrying. Take a few full brass and let your mind settle. Like, to invite you to scan through. Family. Members or friends who are close to choose someone you know who's having a difficult time. Connect with your intention to awaken compassion toward this person. The beginning of rain is to simply recognize what most. Culture tension about. Their challenges. You might be remembering a mood that they're infrequently or some way they appear. Are Tone recent communications. Just began by. Letting. Yourself recognize this person's having a hard time. This is how I know it. And with that recognizing allow. Allow that experienced to be just as it is. Take your willingly pausing with the situation. We begin to investigate. What's it like being you? With Real Gentle Nash. So bring your curiosity. And your interest as you attend more closely. To what this person might be experiencing. You might imagine feeling with their hard and viewing the world from their perspective. You can make some. Inquiry asking yourself these questions if you're the person like what life circumstances are most distressing to here. What do you imagine? What's most distressing for this person? What are the particular fears or disappointments her church? This person's carrying. Maybe as you're being mindful an empathetic, you can sense what their belief about themselves in their life. What's the belief or they feel like a failure? Feeling, rejected. Insecure. Uncertain. Sense if you can feel and imagine. How whatever motions are strong pressure living in that? Maybe. How they're living with fear hurt anger. And feels like too much at any point just to use that noting to name the feelings and sense, you don't have to be the sink, you can be like the lake. dysle- be held in a mindful witnessing way. Can you censor the person who feels most vulnerable? You might even ask you know what? What is it that you most need? Do. You think this person most needs. Maybe from themselves or from others. And if at any point as you're investigating, you find yourself reacting. Then you shift and bring mindfulness and compassion to your own reaction. Naming it. Offering care. Tour. Sensing in what this person most need. Because this is what leads to nurture. This is how mindful empathy you've been feeling. Turns into compassion.

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