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That time. Boris Epstein Strategic advised. The Trump 2020 campaign will go involved to you the latest trends in the race for the White House. And how things are looking very good. But before we do that, let's talk about a certain piece of pond scum called Bob Woodward, who's written a book who taped the president with this tape. Conversations, even legal. Then who has created a firestorm in the fake news by insinuating that the president lied to us about the Chinese virus. He didn't tell America the truth. When he actually shut down and travel from trying around January 31st. When, at the same time and for much longer, the Democrats We're doing something. Different. Let's show you let's remind of the world what the Democrats were doing. Laughter. The president of the United States. Shut down air travel to America from China, where the virus originated. Play. Video montage number one

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