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Rain snow. The papers don't get delivered. Joe Biden wins. I want you one He was just there She didn't have didn't really have the world is about to see is reelected once and twice and 7005 times and I believe, what was it six times. Six times, right six times 2008. And then he gets in 88. She gets destroyed in the primary because he's a plate Dreiser and Oh, he just completely wiped out of the primaries. So this is his first. Really competitive election, so he's got no teasing knows how to do anything. Number one. We've got so much 50 seconds left number one is it reflects a candidate and the other isn't No experience. Forgot. Guy's been around. 47 Unit number one. She doesn't know how to win a competitive election. He doesn't know his team though they are spinning 30 seconds getting no help. Do we take anything for granted? Absolutely not to goto vote dot Donald j. Trump

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