Why Cant F-Factor Offer A Genuine Apology?


Hello and welcome to die starts. Tomorrow I'm alien I'm Sammy. So we decided we needed to do this kind of like impromptu episode because. So. Obviously you know we're following a factor early closely, the effector story and everything that's happening. We'd Emily on our podcast, we did that other podcasts after that and but we didn't want to do every episode obviously about it because. It's not necessary, but then time you just went on her live today. Well, when this airs tomorrow yesterday and Siri not you you and I watched it I've never commented on anyone's live I. commented on this live seem first time for everything for like jokingly comments at all live before. But like ever and ever in a way that I expect you answer me never in earnest never in earnest right like when you care about something like I need. Can you please answer me for real? So after we watched it like I literally texting children like what is happening, and then I went through the day and I was just kind of getting like. Like increasingly angry and then so we'll talk about what happens but then the girl that she talks about Alexis like I such with her and she was posting these stories and is just getting. So mad on behalf of her and I was just. I took shower and the night before you even like was donald my shower I went and got my phone. I was like saying we need to do an episode about this because. I have no word. The crazy thing is that okay when we were watching it, we were in the beginning. You're like she got polishing A. You take account ability. Then at one point, we both were like, no, not going in that direction. And she singles out one girl out of all these people who have message at wellness Alexis one girl Okay and she decides she realizes that this girl had been a fan and that she had the book and she decides to get on the phone with her like I can't even imagine like what made her think We'll a like why this person? Why would you CH- choose to engage over the phone like before like vetting what is conversation is going to be like then she basically sounds like she berates her over the phone later. Yeah Yeah, okay. Let's backtrack because the thing that also glows my mind is she goes she says she's going to go live to talk about disordered eating. Yeah. That's what she says. I'm going live today to talk about disordered eating like you and I are like what coup possibly say, what could possibly say we're like, okay this is probably going to be like another like it's not my fault it's all your fault My answer. Clean. So then she talks about this I saw the comments back and forth I remember emily, posted them that that sparked her desire to have a phone call is because Alexis, her instagram name is wellness Alexis. It's her shady like wellness account. She says, she says, she blocked all the people she knew. So she can make this account so she can talk about wellness. Is incredibly vulnerable in its own right. Extremely Tanya is getting on the phone with a girl and then talks about it on her live under some guys. There's this conversation about disordered eating and a guys of like this caps me up all night. One woman had read the book it's like do not pay attention to all the people who had already said they had read the book and had had problems. All script you and I were texting that. This is even if she doesn't have her pamphlet today, it's a script and here's why because Alexis on then goes live with emily I? Think you are at a therapist appointment. And she says that the way that went down was so she said, can you please the me Tanya to Alexis Alexa Deanne Alexis dams her then goes willing to get on a phone, the phone with me and she goes okay. Sure. Yeah. This is great opportunity to tell you how I feel. I would have done that and then. Tanya goes silent doesn't answer her something like that. Then doesn't answer until the next day. Alexis apparently is like. When is this going to happen? And she just calls her like the next day, which makes me think that it was all off looking. Terrible. Yeah so that she can then go on her life to say she talked to someone and the conversation capture up and the Congress. Oh, this is the first person. Ever the drama of like. This one conversation, catch you up all night, the girl who who read the book, but didn't do the Diet appropriately captured up all night. We also have

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