Demonstrate God's Word in Your Life (Ezekiel 4:4-8)


Zekiye chapter four versus four through eight. Then, lie on your left side and place the punishment of the House of Israel upon it. For the number of the days that you lie on it, you shall bear their punishment. FRY signed to you a number of days three, hundred, ninety days. Equal. To the number of the years of their punishment. So long. Shall you bear the punishment of the House of Israel? And when you've completed. You should lie down a second time but on your right side and bear the punishment of the House of Judah. Forty days I assign you a day for each ear and you shall set your face toward the siege of Jerusalem with your arm Baird and you shall prophesy against the city. And behold I will place cords upon you. So you cannot turn from one side to the other till you have completed the days of your siege. And so much we could talk about in these verses but the basic picture is God is calling Ezekiel as a prophet to do two things one to prophesy about the city. So to speak the words of God and to tell what God has said to him to the people and then second to demonstrate these words with his life. He's specifically talking about the punishment of the House of Israel the punishment of the House of Judah, basically God's judgment on Israel and Judah and how he would take action specifically lying on his left side for three hundred ninety days. On his right side for forty days representing the number of years associated with judgement punishment toward the House of Israel and the House of Judah we don't know specifics of how this would play out like for all those three hundred ninety days on the left side and forty days on the right side. But basically. Lying there for long periods of time on those days, unable to turn from one side to the other as a demonstration is an illustration is a picture of the words he's speaking. Now, how does that lead us to pray? Why want wants to think about our lives, your life, my life today this week. So again, we're seeing this over and over again, there unique things about Ezekiel Old Testament prophets but there are also parallels to our lives as women who have received the word of God and have the spirit of God and us have been commissioned to proclaim the word of God, not just with our words. But with our actions with lives that are fluctuation of the words, we proclaim the words we believe the words God has spoken. And Specifically. I was reading this and as I. WanNa lead us to pray I was thinking about people who are going through difficult times difficult circumstances. Could it be than even or difficult circumstances situations we walk through? That there are things we are portraying about who got is in the midst of hard times that are intended by God to be a reflection of the truth we believe. Of the word that we hold fast to just like we see in Paul throughout the New Testament saying I, fill up what is lacking in regard to Christ's afflictions. He's not saying that he experiences suffering in the exact same way as Jesus did, but he is saying that he shares in the sufferings of Christ he shows the supremacy. Of Christ, he shows the joy of Christ that even when times are hard and difficult and he is holding fast joy and peace and courage and confidence in the middle of that he is displaying Christ he is reflecting the word of Christ in his life. So God, I pray the you would help us all today to embody you word. To reflect your word, not just with our mouths Oh God. Yes. As we prayed recent days help us to reflect your word with our mouths helps to speak your word to give witness to your word to warn people of coming judgment to share the good news of Your Grace and gallery. Pray that amidst whatever is going on in our lives. Right now, you would help us to reflect your word in our lives. Guttering, we pray that you would help us to reflect your joy even in the middle of suffering. We pray the you'd help us to reflect your strength and our weakness. Gharib, we pray that you help us to reflect your peace amidst so much unrest. Around us. Maybe specifically in our circumstances or just unrest in the world gunnery prayed help us to reflect your piece. Got Re pray that our lives would be demonstration today and this week of the truth we believe and we hold fast to God 'cause you're a word to be clear in our mouths and clear in our lives we pray. In Jesus name. Amen.

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