Bricks Can Be Turned Into Batteries

60-Second Science


Are one of the oldest known building materials dating back thousands of years, but researchers at Washington University in. Saint, Louis have found a new use for bricks as. Storage units a team of engineers and chemists have found a way to transform an ordinary house brick into a pseudo battery, allowing it to conduct and store electricity. The bricks are powerful enough to illuminate and led light bulb and cost only about three dollars to make I love. The idea of adding value to things that are inexpensive things that are affordable things that we kind of take for granted Julio, Darcy is an assistant professor of chemistry at Washington University and one of the researchers on the project. The brick battery relies on the reddish pigment known as. Side or rust. The gives red bricks, their color, the scientists pumped. The bricks was several gases that react with iron oxide to produce a network of plastic fibres. These microscopic fibers, coat the empty spaces inside the bricks and conduct electricity or we're trying to do is we're trying to make specialized. That are only used in the Nanna scale where we use very little plastic on we can actually embed that plastic inside construction materials that can store energy. This study is in the Journal. Nature Communications in the future Darcy says. Could. Potentially serve a dual purpose providing structural support and storing electricity generated from renewable energy sources like solar panels. The technology is still at least a few years away from being ready for the commercial market right now, the energy storage capacity of the bricks. Low about one percent of a lithium ion battery. The team is now testing ways to improve brick performance because it looks like you can teach an old brick new tricks.

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