Protests continue in Portland after more than 100 consecutive days


Marked 100 Days and nights of Black Lives matter. Protests in Portland, Oregon. They began after the police killing of George Floyd on May 25th despite an uptick in police, violence and right wing militia groups confronting protesters in Portland. The demonstrators are determined to continue. Katya face Perrin Smith attended a solidarity building event in Portland this weekend. Any B way Got B. We got Jobe at Len's Park in southeast Portland on Saturday afternoon. Several 100 people showed up for community gathering with speeches, songs, inspiration and sharing resource is What's this? It's one of more than a dozen events across the city this weekend to mark 100 consecutive days and nights of protests for black lives matter. Regina rages, an organizer and emcee of the day's programme. And this right here. This isn't antiracist active, Resist states by being here today you are saying that you are anti racist I A is with P d X Black youth movement, which was formed in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd. And has led many of the Portland marches. It's coming out of a place of exhaustion. We're tired. Honestly tired. We've been fighting our whole lives and we have to continue to fight. I told you guys are stories. And it's hurting us. You know, it's Harding. Us. We just constantly have to relive it every single day. She asked the crowd to take a look at her attire. She's just come from basketball practice, wearing shorts and sandals and her hair pulled back. She's not just an angry black woman, she says. She's also a high school student and an athlete. But woman have always always been taught that we had the fight hard so hard we had to put in those countless hours. We have the practice harder than a white girl. We had to work so much harder. And why is that? It's because America has normalized normalized it. We've normalized little black girls being in these streets finding for their lives. But we haven't normalized black girls being doctors. Black girls being principles like girl be a teacher's why black women and especially protecting black trans women, was a major topic of discussion at the rally. Protesters say their demands haven't changed throughout the 100 days. They want to end anti black racism and police brutality and to defund police budgets to reinvest in community services. What's changed is the increased use of force by police against protesters. Did. Eisen, artist and organizer with black lives matter. He was one of many protesters arrested by federal agents last month process within an hour. I got tackled arrested. Realized they cut my finger over. Ask them why they arrested me. They would not answer. Why? Why just full ignore sitting in the back of the car, and I could feel my back of my shirt getting wet from blood. I can't look at this. Please, just fully ignore me. He said he was detained for about two hours, interrogated and photographed. Finally, they let him go. But he was given no documentation or court date, he said. It was only later speaking with a legal support team. He realized he was kidnapped. She realized Wow, you were actually Tell. I said that to say That is an important piece of this revolution. That's what we're dealing with right now. Making just rolled to the street, snatch people up and hold them hostage for however long that is very scary. Problem with doing the next day he quit his job at T Mobile to join the protest full time. On Friday night, Organ State troopers returned to the front lines of the Portland demonstrations, and, along with police arrested 27 protesters, according to the Oregonian. A viral photo from that night shows a woman beaten by police and blood dripping down her face as she's carried away by officers in riot gear. The Trump Administration has deputized the state troopers as federal agents, which means protesters could now face federal charges. The protesters charged that law enforcement has reacted disproportionately giving a pass to right wing militia while cracking down harshly against black lives matter. Demonstrators.

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