'Wake up Call': Prominent Group Warns Biden Campaign That It's Falling Short on Outreach to Women of Color

The Takeaway


Want to back to something that you all at she the people did you had a series of virtual listening sessions and you're take away from those was that they were real. WAKEUP call. That's what you were quoted as saying, we're ringing alarm bells were saying we want to win. But if you listen to the women on the ground were not there yet can you talk to us about those sessions and your conversations with the Biden campaign about them she the People's network includes many women in the battleground states at the focus for us is an Arizona Texas Georgia Florida and the three Midwest states that trump won last time Michigan Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. And we gathered you know local and state elected officials and heads of organizations people who work on voter registration engagement, and we asked a series of open ended questions. How much do you see yourself in the campaign? Is the Biden campaign been in touch with you What are the issues that matter what would need to happen for you to want to amplify the message? What are your frustrations and what we heard? Is, that there was a lot of frustration on the on the ground amongst the women of color who are in the middle of the critical voter turnout we know in our big lesson from two thousand sixteen is that winning and twenty twenty is about turning out our voters and activating those who are most likely to vote democratic. That's women of color particularly black women and in the states that I mentioned with very few exceptions. Women of color about a quarter of the electorate in the majority of women and so It's incredibly crucial that the women of Color in these battleground states turn out at higher rates and how was the Biden teams response we had a meeting that that there was a lot of openness and listening I think there's some really smart women who the Biden campaign is brought on and I don't. Think it's any secret they're playing catch up. You know because it's not like Biden's a new candidate. You know it's just that right now for the general election in this strange year, the women who were on board now both Black Asian American. Latina who are an indigenous who are running speaking of folks on the ground there they're open they're listening the issue is that we we did not want. I didn't want to see these red flags and not talk about it because it is a People who are in the business of electoral politics, understand one of the biggest mistakes that the Hillary Clinton campaign, and when I say the campaign, it's a campaign it's the it was the priorities pack it was the major It was the party apparatus as a whole ecosystem. One of the biggest mistakes was not too deeply invest in black voters, which is black women early and often and look at it as turn out. There was way way too much focus on trying to convince Republicans are moderate white voters with the messaging and the Komo. You know all that in order to carry the election I. Still See evidence that we haven't completely learned the lesson from two thousand sixteen because WHO's going to be on the DNC stage. Well, John Casick, who is a Republican he's never trumper, but he's also the guy who in Ohio as governor got rid of the early voting Sundays with with. What black organizers would would call souls to the polls? So here's a guy on the DNC stage who was part of voter suppression in a key swing state. That affected the black community whom the Democrats depend on high turnout. We haven't gotten the the lesson fully but. Those of us who are on the ground understand what is going to need to happen, and we wanted to make sure to make those relationships and call out where we need to do some investment and fix things fast in order for us to have high turnout.

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