China orders closure of US consulate as tensions escalate

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Let's get to this. China's story escalation overnight. It's important, isn't it? I thought we had big trade deal going on their. Beijing is revoking the license for us. Consulate in China. After US ordered China's Houston conflict to close by today. I wonder how POMPEII is. Speech is being taken over there, too. I mean. He stopped short of regime change, but. I mean it almost sounded like he was going there for a while? The truth is that our policies and those of other free nations resurrected China's failing economy only to see Beijing bite the international hands the feeding. Eunice Yoon joins us up with the latest. High, Eunice, yeah, now it did, but as you said he did stop short, but when he was talking about China in his blistering speech, he described it as a Frankenstein. That's what struck me that he described it as a Frankenstein that was created by the policies of the free world. And he was essentially calling on all countries within the free world to. Unite against a Communist China saying that if the free world allows China to continue. Pursuing its path that that could potentially change the free world so. It was a speech that the foreign ministry did not like they called it. Full of ideological bias said that it was. Unattached to reality? But it did take some measures specifically out on the consulate in thome do so that conflict is now going to be shutdown of the state media said it's going to be within seventy two hours so by Monday and the Foreign Ministry also accused the American staff. There of interfering in Chinese internal affairs state media the the reasoning. Of. Why China chose tone do. Is this. It's essentially one of the smaller consulates compared to the others. It's seen as not having a huge impact on American business, but at the same time would hurt because the media. Have pointed out and quoting experts as saying that that's where America. A gathers information on strategic weapons in the region and also gathered information on the situation in Tibet. So the reason why this is being explained in the state media is because the messaging is that Beijing wants to show that it's tough. It wants to be able to match what the US is doing at the same time. It wants to say there's a little bit of a door open because we don't want to have an escalation of tensions, even though, of course it's seems really difficult. To see where it all heads

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