Introducing: There Are No Girls on the Internet - burst 1


Seen huge movements like meet you in black lives matter. Take off! That were largely started and run and shaved black people, women and other marginalized voices, and it got me thinking when it comes to quote important shift popping off online always run the show. Yes we use the Internet to build movement that the kind you're seeing up today, but women black folks and other marginalized voices also shaped culture, make art and connect with each other using tack in ways it at a big impact on Internet coulter. Even from the very beginning reason why computers and the Internet attack, our everyday parts of all of our lives is because of the talent Labor of marginalized folks and today is no different. So that's why a bums me out to Sea White Tech Dude leaders actually don't have to be accountable to those various same people when they're platforms would be nothing without us. Tech is not neutral. It's not a political, but this isn't. What many important tech leaders would have you believe guess what they're wrong. Framing Tech is neutral. Let's tech leaders off the hook for the wasted. Their policies and platforms hurt. Many of whom are women black marginalized voices Princeton's, he's put out a statement recently at burning their commitment to black lives, matter also let him trump and other sexist and racist misuse their platform in ways that directly harm same marginalized communities, while also raising in this fools a profit doing. Wondering why we've allowed tech leaders to get away with framing tickets neutral as policies harm our communities, we'll just take a look at who feels at home and the tax base and online. Buying into the idea that tech, the Internet, our domain, we've let white male tech leaders dominate the conversation in a space for. Should be the loudest. I. Want to change this. Okay, but how? It's kind of a lot, so buckle up. I WANNA plus at the only voices that matter intact along to wait

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