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Not to like. It's bad. I know Jason to, he said. He's like the addicted to coke, but yeah, man. Well, you know, Pepsi, Pepsi, honey Diet Pepsi Diet Pepsi with Easy ice, you know. Yeah, I would just like some blow. Drop from this from the sky. What about you, Louis? What about you? What would it be a bag? Ah, wait! Oh, yeah. My bed. The other three Where? Pizza Alright. Don't try this at home. Big boy's neighborhood 90 to kiss Better. Good morning, A crash in Palmdale on the 14 North Found Avenue in has the Left lane blocked. Also seeing delays in Downey on the five South bound. This is at the 605. A motorcycle crash is in the center divider. This report is sponsored by forever, friends dot org's Kids sometimes make bad choices. But with the support of carrying adults, their futures hold great potential. Find out how you can help a young person on probation at forever. Friends dot org's I'm Lonnie Swaine with traffic on real 92 3 L. A's new home for hip hop. How to Improve your dining room by the Home Depot knew wood floors new paint on the walls. Sure

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