The CEO of Team Secret on Dota 2 & Team League Models


So can you talk about like the you know the foundation of take grit out is different to say traditionally sports organization you know how the how the play is kind of at the center of everything. Sure sure you know when I look out in the ecosystem and not everything is like this right but a lot of teams are It's a it's kind of split where a lot of teams are player own operated in lead right which which is really good for content creation engaging with the community that kind of thing but usually like on the business side economy falters. And then you know you have a lot of new entrance into east sportswear. It's a very traditional business executive-led right whether it's you know a private Equity Company that invests eastwards. Put say a leader in place or someone from traditional. Traditional. Media The comes in place and weeds on these sports team. Where connection to the fan base in the audience is not so great. And generalizing here, right there's all different kinds of other other models I'm for us. We kind of saw this happening and what we wanted to do was to say, okay, you know, I, come from a background of traditional business. I can come run the business, build the business, but we wanted to also have very authentic and have a huge amount of player lead influence into how we build the brand into how he engaged with the fan base and the community and so that's why you know working with the DOE team has kind of foundation we said, let's build out team secret originally adopted team, but we can expand the business. We can build it into an actual business rather than just a, you know a player T-. Even today you know we. on the business side, you know run the business but on the ownership front we have some players that have ownership in the business and are also involved in the day today activities. You know we've been lucky enough to have on the PODCAST and scraped content with a few kind of like OJ's is the industry especially you know you had. We've had God's. All the you know he's being paramount in in a lot of commentary and building the same globally and we had pay p day kind like the shining light out of trying to build anymore it's America We've had unloader from Sweden as well and I guess you guys have another one especially, which is in the interim with poppy. So I'd love to I'd love to talk from your perspective around a lot of my discussion with paper day especially was around the business structure of the way that daughter to works versus are other Games. So there's like an article that came out about a Singapore tame, which is just disbanded was like the the shining stuff out of that region and. One of the major reasons they said that it that it disbanded his Ju to just a lack of understanding or the lack of support from valve in the to infrastructure it's it's you know it's great presence and cradle content around how you know the DOJ to international is the largest single single price police boats tournament. You know thirty plus million dollars in the first place team will often walk away with ten million dollars in the pocket and it's fantastic. You Ajay and you win those inter but it's it's not great if you don't qualify for the international or you know if you want to rely on something other than simply pros money so be interested in talking about. How do you say that the dietary market obviously guys legal agents Tuesday say by Candidate that franchise very strict model of detaining applying onset and Thomson indicts. You've got all that structure heady. This is done until you, which is just really all over the place but but massive priciples. Yeah I mean I think there are pros and cons of both models I think in. League of legends at the the model tends to be more Even across more equitable across tons of opportunities where all the teams and I think in Doda, it's very much like feast or famine I if you know. If you look at all the teams right from previously is it's like. Either you're a top four team and you. kind of break even or slash make a small profit or you're not a top four team and you're just like losing money all the time. Basically note right and it's like the the price was a little bit of a Mirage because. In Doda, the majority, the vast majority of the price will go to the players and this is not knock on the players because I think the players are super telling that they deserve everything that they that they earn right But outside of price full, there's not a huge amount of other opportunities except for direct sponsorship. For teams actually drive right and you need teams because you know. Not every player is like some players are very mental to be in contact creators influences on all that stuff but the vast majority players I know just WanNa, play I. WanNa play, and so in order for Doda and Doda brands to to build into sort of products. And to market the players into engage and build the audience and do all these things. You'd Orquesta do that right? Because the players are not going to do it themselves and they didn't WanNa do themselves they want to they want they WANNA play right? They want to figure out strategies they want perfect game. And so you need to have an ecosystem around as supporting structure around that to be able to enable them to do that as well as. Create this product around Doda so that the fans can engage in consume it. And I think the I think the finances did the structure Doda is is dangerous because you know the the the kitchen seen not not super well supported even in the tier one scene beyond top four teams I don't think you're doing too well. and you'd see you know teams exit. You see teams go in and out. I'm for these reasons because it's like you either you're winning all the time and you're kind of stable from that because you have some price earnings or. You know you're just like middle of the pack number seven, number, eight, I, I don't think you're doing too well. You're really relying on brand sponsorships and things

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