Saudi court issues verdicts in Khashoggi murder


A Saudi court issued final verdicts on Monday in the case of slain Washington Post, columnist sounded critic Jamal Kashogi after his son who still resides in the kingdom announced pardons that sped five of the convicted individuals from execution. While the trial draws to its conclusion in Saudi Arabia. The case continues to cast a shadow over the international standing of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman associates have been sanctioned by the US and the UK for their alleged involvement in the brutal killing, which took place inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The Riyadh criminal courts. Final verdicts were announced by Saudi Arabia state television which aired few details about the eight Saudi nationals and did not name them. The court ordered a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison for the five. Another individual received a ten year sentence and two others were ordered to serve seven years in prison. A team of fifteen Saudi agents had flown to Turkey to meet Kashogi inside the consulate for his appointment on October. Second two, thousand, eighteen to pick up. That would allow him to marry his Turkish fiance who waited outside. The team included a forensic doctor intelligence and security offices and individuals who worked directly for the Crown Prince's office according to Agnes. Cala MoD who investigated the killing for the United Nations Turkish officials alleged Kashogi was killed and then dismembered with a bone saw inside the consulate and his remains put in a tandoor oven. His body has been found. Turkey apparently had the consulate bugged and shared audio of the killing with the CIA among others. Western intelligence agencies, as well as the US Congress of said the Crown Prince Baz responsibility for the killing. He also maintains the support of Donald. Trump. Likely for his preference for the eight billion dollar arms deal. He had just closed Saudi Arabia's trial of the suspects has been widely criticised by rights, groups and observers who note that no senior officials nor anyone suspected of ordering the killing has been found guilty. The independence of the Rianne Criminal Court has also been questioned.

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