Intermittent Fasting Includes Snacking At 2am, Right? Ft. Jared Freid


The forty under forty. It was funny. Because just brought you boat you guys up specifically and I was like, no, this isn't about them like like like for this, I know how this all happens now and it's like you can't be unaware of it. Does it happen for the listeners? A publicist lew calls their friend at fortunes like. These five people and can and the publicist paid fifteen hundred dollars a month or at a minimum. Yeah. Way Up and then. They you know someone's paying that publicist whether you know and it's like, how did this person get there? They've been working for a year and it's like well, their parents pay the publicist, the police. Say that they have a job and then the publicists has to like you know, give the thing is the publicist as you guys know this they're all promises no execution the whole job is to go. Well we don't. You know. We're going to try for these places and it's like, wow, because I've paid for one in the past and it's been like and you're like Oh my God like. I thought it was gonNA help me and it you know. To work at like the perfect intersection of like what you're actually doing and whether it's like publicity worthy enough that a publicist can actually make something up. Yeah Yeah you need the. You're paying for a nudge. Exactly. You're paying for connections like someone someone and right to do something we're no them enough to get them to do something. It's it's one of those things where it's like you know, I mean you guys talk about it on this podcast all the time just like here's what they're saying in the commercial and then like here's like the reality and then here's the marketing scheme like it's a mix of like all those things like this isn't to besmirch someone with publicist job because there are good ones like if you have a lot of you know what I mean like it's like it's like anything. Yeah there's more to it than just this, but there is. A whole dynamic or out irons didn't pay for publicist at fly. No benches, media presents. Three pounds yet nighttime. Cardio Diet starts. Tomorrow. Endorphin endorphins. Make you happy. People just don't shoot their husband with hosts daily in Cooperman Jolly. Sammy. Fish by whatever I'm getting back. Hola welcome to dives are smile I mean I'm Sammy and today we thought we would kind of lighten up the mood bit and we have a guest that you guys have been asking for for like how many years since you've on we have jared freed also co host of the PODCAST and J. Train podcast and all the other. Amazing. Shit. You do welcome. It is so good to be back here with you to virtually I am a listener. So this is always like a this is always fun because it's like the fourth wall gets broke down I can give you the listeners perspective are certainly I guess my listening perspective but I. I'm a fan of the show so it's good to be back in. Let's let's talk about food. Let's let's let's really get into it. I I'm always surprised when I got a a group tax with the US and you're like Oh this episode was good. Listening. Funny I'm always flattered by the very specific points you have to make where I'll be like, what's he taught Oh we talked about that. Will your podcast catches me at like the most. It's because you guys are doing a good job but also because I am getting caught at my most introspective time, I'm usually like flying back from somewhere. It's always a Sunday where I'm flying back arm driving somewhere and like now with what's going on like I just started doing some more shows and like being able to go back on the road saw like. Especially the last episode, the the factor. I mean that is made for TV that is a hallmark movie like I. And it's so like the whole thing is so interesting like there's so much many layers like like again like an and there's the layer of the one that no one wants to talk about is like wealth and envy, and the way we like and who are the influencers and who like who gets these followings and how much of your life can you show versus like what you know. If you show a part of your life does that mean you have to be totally honest you know what I mean what do you? Oh, people when you're a little bit on a so because I I just because I've followed after you guys had around I followed. Tanya. And I was like because she was so defensive on your episode with her you know when you can hear someone has dealt with Internet trolls. Yeah. Like their whole like. Pattern has been changed by like they just speak in defense mode and it's like I was like interested to like. Okay. Let's see what this is all about, and then you hear emily last week and you're like emily's passionate about like like like like it's it seems somewhat personal for her like it was she you know Tanya represented other things for her like not to say that she was. Wrong about the again, a lot of it was in the margins like I don't know the whole story I just I just know that like what I felt from it, and it's like that has to do a lot with like diet culture and like the things we get annoyed with like someone going on and be like again like I'm sure we're going to talk about it like I'm I'm proud of your intuitive eating a journey alien. I'm proud of you. I mean because the here's the thing. No one. The problem with the Internet is if you say I love chocolate that means Fuck Vanilla, and if you say I, love strawberry that means fuck chocolate a the Netherlands in the nuance contact because none of the pictures are nuanced in context is just hear me and skinny. So like when you when you go on and you say when I see someone who's like Eating just eat when you're hungry and they're like with ABS and perfect jaw line I'm like. I get turned off to that but obviously things worked for some people like there's like I'm. Working with a trainer over the phone I'm enjoying that like for other people they'd be like I would never work out of the phone I was like person and now I'm like totally enjoying it and let me let me plug him at four Zach? This guy's like great but it might not be good for you like I think every. The problem with like diet adviser like lifestyle advices. It always comes a some people aren't good at it and it just ends up being like. You know these are the rules. So that's my long winded. Hi, everybody could to be. Your audience particularly like the female contingent amid. I feel like is a strong overlap with the type of people who are at least aware about factor and I'm sure many of them are people who were followers of it to and what you're saying about the wealth peace and the piece of like someone who is pushing something while looking a certain way may be they're very thin very clearly privileged. You clearly have a lot of money. So I'm just curious when you were following Tanya like, what did what did you think before knowing any of what you knew what were thoughts before? So I. let me first say I don't know very like I'm coming in as just like I'm a diet starts tomorrow Listener I've followed her on Instagram I and then I kinda like looked into emily and where she was coming from like. So I when I saw this, I was like when I saw Tanya, like you just see like a very like fashioned life. Like, like you would assume that there's also a personal account in addition to her personal count. You know I, mean like from my perspective like. But just the way she came back at

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