Mitch Trubisky Expected To Start As Chicago Bears Quarterback Over Nick Foles


Let's start off talking about your pal and my pal super bowl fifty, two hero nick foles and when. The Chicago bears traded for Nick foles over the off season for a fourth round pick we all largely assumed it would be to replace Mitchell trubisky as the team starting quarterback. Otherwise, why do you go out and trade for Nick Foles? Mitch Trubisky is a pretty bad quarterback in the Chicago offense. Last year was pretty dreadful with Mitch Trubisky as signal caller and the two were. They were involved in some kind of quarterback competition this summer in training camp everyone I think myself especially just figured Nick foles would win that job. Well, NFL DOT com reporting that trubisky has beaten out nick foles for the starting quarterback job in Chicago. Remember all that talk about whether the eagles should keep foles or go with Carson wentz. Now, he can't even beat out Mitchell and I love Nick foles this is not me bagging on Nick foles but I'm finding it hard to believe that Nick foles doesn't look better in Camp Than Mitch Trubisky you Mitchell Trubisky is literal. Well, listen to the numbers. Okay. The bears offense averaged seventeen and. A half points per game last year and ranked in the bottom five points per game and in total yards. Okay. Trubisky through for thirty one, hundred, thirty, eight yards, seventeen touchdowns, and ten interceptions. He's a terrible quarterback he looked like he might be improving in two thousand eighteen he played pretty well in the bears playoff loss to the eagles especially at the end of the game when he made some big plays, but he regrets terribly in two thousand nineteen. That's Chicago offense was awful and Trubisky was one of the big reasons why only seventeen touchdowns on the season? There's a reason there's a reason the Chicago bears went out and got nick foles. And Nick foles has a higher ceiling the Mitchell trubisky. You can't tell me what after what we saw Nick Foles do in that playoff run in two thousand seventeen that he doesn't give you a better chance to win. Unless Nick foles arm is falling off for or age has really set in in a big way with Foale's we don't know because we haven't been able to watch any preseason games. So we have no idea what's going on in matinees training camps and what's happening behind the scenes, but it's mind boggling to me that they're going to go with the guy who in Mitchell trubisky you know what he is by this point and you know what Nick foles can do. Both of these guys have a low floor. There's there's no question we've seen nick foles when he's not on play terrible football he's not a good quarterback when he's in one of his slumps but when he's hot. There are few that can match nick foles can do when Mitchell trubisky is hot. It's only slightly better than not. So Great Mitchell trubisky what and we just to think about what Nick Foles did in those two playoff games in the NFC championship game, and then in the Super Bowl to do what he did on that stage and the love that his teammates have for him I just it's a it's a very curious decision by Matt. Nagy and the Chicago bears to go with Mitchell trubisky over nick foles but that's the decision they've made I think. Long Story, Short Nick Foles my prediction will start more games than Mitchell trubisky this year when all is said and done nick foles is probably you're starting quarterback not long after the season begins and my guess is if he stays healthy nick foles starts more games than trubisky this year. Because I know the bears aren't really that smart and I know they they sunk a lot into trubisky drafting him when they did. But at some point, you just got to cut the cord move on I i. We don't know what's been going on in training camp at. Nick foles must've looked really bad in training camp for them to go with trubisky over him.

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