Bodega Owners Say Enforcement Of Mask Rules In Stores Should Fall On New York Police, Not On Workers


Slapped slapped and and beat beat up up for for asking asking customers customers to to put put on on a a facemask. facemask. Now Now bodega bodega owners owners are are calling calling on on the the NYPD NYPD to enforce the rule. Fernando Mateo of the United Bodegas of America, says state and city regulations that require store owners and force mask rules put innocent workers in danger. Bodega owner Hamid Out to rib Told CBS two's Dave Carlin that about 45% of people that come into his store. Ignore the mask rule. It's just for the Cubs, not for us. Cops should do it. I'm just working here, if if I got shot, or if they, uh, nobody gonna help my family. Matteo said his organization will meet with police Commissioner Dermot Shea on September 16th to ask that police take the lead on mask enforcement. WCBS

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