Extracurricular Activities During A Pandemic


As the coronavirus pandemic requires many schools to continue online students are wondering, how can they get extracurricular activities? And in our scholarships segment I'm GonNa talk about what is a scholarship weekend? Welcome to the Scholarship Shark podcast I'm Pam. Andrews your host as a college admissions consultant I believe that getting into college does not need to be complicated for confusing and paying for it doesn't need to be costly and you're here because you believe the same join me each week as I share advice on the college admissions process as well as scholarship tips. So let's get started with today's episode. The impact of Corona. Virus is not just limited to the classroom. For some students starting school this fall you know they're still going to be online doing classes virtually. A hybrid where it's a few days in the classroom. And a few days at home online. but many schools are choosing not to do their extra curricular activities that require gathering large numbers of students together, and it's easy to focus on what we can't do. But in this episode, I WanNa talk about ways, students can get involved. And although you may not be able to do some of your traditional activities I'm GonNa just share three things and three comic groups of things that you may think about doing. As we continue to navigate through this pandemic. So you know you may not be able to participate in school sport or in your marching band or be a part of your theater production. But you can still participate in extracurriculars while you're at home or even if you're doing a hybrid model, you just have to be creative and it's really important that you don't neglect this part of you for several reasons number one. It's a great way to distress to develop a friendships to strengthen your leadership skills to gain self competence Extracurricular activities have all kinds of benefits, and of course you know applying for college, you will want to list what you've done in this academic year on your college application. So along with your high school your grades your class rank if you've been able to sit for the sat or act. and you're your recommendation letters and your essay, your activities, your extracurriculars, what you do inside of scorn outside of school were really show how you spend your time and what are you interested in so think of it as initiative and interest. So I wanted to share. Three things that you can do if you're not able to participate in some of the things that you've done in the past. Because I don't want you to think while I'm not able to do what I would like to do or what I've done last year or the your prior. So really what can I do? Not Share three three things that you could possibly do so. Number One, I want you to think about what did you do in school? In the past and how can you either do it online? Or? If your school offers it. So if your school is currently offering something, how can you participate for example, maybe your school still has student government and you're not meeting in person, but you can still participate online. So don't neglect those in school opportunities that are happening virtually. So see if your school is still offering some of the club's activities that they would normally offer, but just in an online format. And you know again think through what you've done in the past what you looking forward to maybe participating on your school newspaper or language. Clubs Academic Clubs You know again, take a look at those and see what they're offering online. Now if your school is not offering it online. Why don't you lead it start the initiative may get with a couple of students and offer that particular club in a virtual setting just simply reach out. To Your School, the advisor who helps you coordinate your activities and maybe write something down and began to share your idea. Now. As, you begin to think about things that you do in your school, and if your school is having it, if you find that your school does not have it again, maybe you can offer it in a virtual world

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