Is Your Dream Viable? Here Are Some Steps to Figure It Out.

RISE Podcast


A couple of years ago the team here at Hollis coat started to dream. We started to ask ourselves if there was a solution to the question that we got most often from our community, the question was from ten dis of my personal growth conferences or my business conference people would come and they would feel so inspired and. They take all these notes and then meet these cool people and they'd be in community and they would go back to their very real lives and struggle to keep the momentum and struggled to feel connected and the thing is I know exactly what that feels like because I've experienced that many times in my life and honestly when people begin to ask I started creating inside the programming tips and tricks and things that they might be. Able to take home with them. In fact, if you've come to a rise conference, then you've probably had me council you on the things that you're gonNA, need to stay in that momentum. Once you get back home I thought that was the only solution because I honestly couldn't come up with another way like you can't sort of carry me around in your pocket. You can't have a psalm the DJ playing your favorite music beans you know. Guiding you in a meditation or sharing her wisdom. I didn't know how to give that to you outside of a live event, and then we had an idea. was there a way that we could create an APP? And if we create an APP what would it be and how in the world would we even afford that and who knows how to make an APP, and what would we do and we started asking all of these questions which I think if you're listening to this, there's a good chance that your a dreamer to and that you have something on your heart that you believe that you're called to more and all of my biggest successes in life and yes some of my failures have started with this process of just asking myself all kinds of questions. What if what if this what if that? And we started to wrap around the elements that are so core to our events or to our community and project rise APP started. and. It was a very long process to get from there to here. On Monday of this week, we launched the rise up and when I looked this morning, we had over twenty thousand members of our community inside doing workouts taking meditations going on a gratitude walk with stacy flowers going on a hike with Trent Shelton doing workouts with me doing workouts with Chris Chandler it is so amazing to see the community already start to take it and run ardy start to give us your feedback so that we can continue to evolve and make something. Great. I love knowing that. So many of you have already tried it but I also understand that there are a lot of entrepreneurs who listen to this podcast and I wanted to talk a little bit about how I approach something like this project. That's this big and frankly a project that is this great of a financial investment. If you have any concept of APP design which PSI for sure did not before this started Then, you may be understand. That this was a massive undertaking, not just in terms of the hours required to pull it together. But the team of people who helps it to fruition and the big giant jump into the deep end, spend all the money and hope to goodness that you're onto something. So I thought I would talk you through how I concept the idea how we worked as a team to make it happen. But also, what are the things about this APP that I feel so confidently are going to make it success that are going to make it a success that means that it was worth investing several hundred thousands. Oh my gosh. So many hundreds of thousands of dollars to see it come to life.

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