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So let's start work as always we open up our episode with the latest Book Publishing News Rewrite What's our first story? As always, we get our book deal news from Publishers Weekly and our first piece of news is in an eight house auction carper Collins teagan books one north. American rights to Michelle quashes debut novel not here to be liked. This why a ROM COM follows Chinese Vietnamese. American, girl allies, kwan who snubbed as the next editor in chief of the school paper for less qualified but more likable male peer as she leads a feminist reckoning at her school she begins falling for the boy she she's asking to step down publication is scheduled for fall twenty twenty one what are your thoughts on this premise? Sexism exists everywhere and yeah. Yeah. But what if she falls in love with him and let them have job I'll take him down regardless. He doesn't deserve the position. So yeah, take him now date him after you get the job you know if he really loves her he'll step Tom. because. He wants her to do her best right isn't that what partner supposed to? Yeah and also you want a boyfriend who likes supports feminism. Sorry. This is this is a way for him to prove his worth. Yeah. But you know given the recent state of the publishing industry and like the news industry, it's a pretty timely story. You know it's weird how a lot of these books are coming up at just the right time. We'll also just you know books are a reflection of what's happening in the world and. Sexism. Racism. Capitalism none of that is going away anytime soon. So it's always going to be timely. Yeah. OUR OUR NEXT STORY HARPER TEEN bought axios exile EXO Bya Rom. com fall is a Korean American cello prodigy who spent part of her junior year at an elite Music Academy in Seoul where she falls into a whirlwind secret romance with the Lead Singer of K pop's biggest boy band. Publication is scheduled for summer twenty twenty one reread. This sounds like your jam. Kind of. Here's the thing I. I love Korean music I love Korean indie hip hop and some and some pop here and there. But I'm very skeptical when it comes to books that. Are Romances with pop stars. I don't I don't know like for some reason it just kind of. Makes me feel. Like, will they it right? Will they get the culture? Right obviously AXIOS is Korean American and she Malo Kate pop for a very long time. So I'm sure she'll get it correct. I mean wasn't her last book on rebel soul about like K. pop and robots. I don't think. K pop poison there. Oh. Yeah it was like Mecca. Feel checks, all the boxes though you know you have not just the the K pop part but also. School. Drama set in Korea at a music academy. Those check a lot of box. I will I will read it because, Acsi Oh, I've read rebel soul and it was a fun book and I I have trust in MC owns all of these elements right. So I am excited for her twenty twenty one it is pre diabolical that she named the book after herself because it's it's excellent. So's axial twice isn't it like kisses and hugs is Trying to make a joke never mind. All right. So our next book deal is McMillan top? Bought World English rights to Karen chows Middle Grade debut miracle, which is about an Asian American girls struggling to find herself through friendship and music in the wake of her father's death publication is planned for twenty twenty two. This one's not as. not, as upbeat as the last one and not as feel-good. But that's pretty deep subject for a great novel. Yeah. I mean, it does have music in it music. Yeah. Next up William Morrow. Science Sequoia Nagamatsu debut novel how high we go in the dark according to the publishers the novel Explores Humanity's struggle to rebuild itself in the aftermath of a climate plague and is akin to stationed eleven and cloud atlas very timely. Yeah. I don't see a release date. I'm going to assume probably twenty, one, twenty, twenty, two. I really loved station eleven. So I am very interested in seeing what the book is about or I guess we already know what it's about, but again, get more familiar with. And the characters

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