Flooding threat continues for Houston


Threat continues for Houston. I'm Cory Olsen with your top of the hour update on NewsRadio, 7 40. Let's get the latest forecast from meteorologist Scott Lorie Moore at the Weather Channel will late tonight. The biggest range try to move on to the Northeast is slowly away from the city. But what a tough day of downpours here with 10 inch and 1 FT totals in some location south of the city, Remember, turn around Don't drown. Do not drive your vehicle across flooded roadways. Footing is the number one killer from tropical system. 71 degrees are low overnight and the biggest rains march north east away from the city Wednesday. Morning showers. Cloudy in the afternoon high of 80 and then some brighter weather. Thursday, Friday with seventies and eighties meteorologist Scott Larrimore, the weather Channel. Thanks

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