If The Crisis Exposes You, Face It, Embrace It & Learn From It



Like every day at the moment I'm speaking with somebody who has been exposed in some way by this current crisis eight of the businesses being exposed because of a sudden downturn in activity in sales or the skills. A manager or leader have beat exposed because I haven't been able to find a way to deal with this crisis or maybe even the career choice in life choices being exposed because they've realized. Maybe. They've lost their job and they've realized hang on I didn't actually love that job anyway. So it's exposed the fact that they've chosen the wrong direction in the wrong path and all of that is pretty scary at a time like right now but it can also be pretty liberating if you embrace it and if you learn from it and the worst thing that you can possibly do right now he's hide behind the. Crisis and say, well, everything was okay until the crisis my business was great until the crisis my career was great until the crisis I was a great manager until the crisis the worst thing you can possibly do is hide behind that circumstance if it's actually exposing the fact that maybe your business wasn't great maybe you weren't great at that particular job or maybe that's not what you really enjoy doing and that's not to. Say of course, at this crisis hasn't created changed circumstance and chain situations because it can but I think too easily we sometimes just put it all in the it's because of the crisis Boskin and I think that's missing a massive opportunity because if you really are being exposed in some way shape or form by this crisis, what you really need to do is embrace it learn from it and then you can move on. Already,

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