Global Alliances, Leadership and the Shape of Our Post Pandemic Future: A Conversation With Ian Bremmer

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Thanks for joining us today are great to be with you. Awesome. While we start by, you know we're in the middle of this crisis economic crisis. The social injustice praises said, frankly, leadership crisis. Now, how do you at your age group think about recovery as we emerge from each of these crises and try to rebuild the more jobs sustainable world well I obviously think that the timelines very different I mean in the country like, China. They had a second quarter a small amount of wrote while the Americans and the Europeans were facing the worst. In Art History and that's Because the pandemic China faster earlier but it also is because they're able with surveillance and with the ordinary state to ensure massive testing, but also full lockdown and complete the whites. So supply chain was backed up and running in China now that's not something that we could do the US you're. It's not something we'd want to be able to do in the US or. You're the good news for the United States is at least. So our economic response has been both very strong and BI partisan. We saw that in the early days from Secretary Treasury Mnuchin from Speaker of the House. Pelosi, we're not seeing that right now as get closer to elections though hopefully in the coming weeks will the positive news has been your it's been chancellor. Grew any frankly you her six months ago who were pandemic yet you thought she was washed out she was a lame duck, her approval. Sunk in everyone was angry because she was the one that left the millions of refugees were very unpopular in Germany and across your now she's supposed to child for getting pandemic right because she didn't surely she focused on science on facts and after getting Germany out of the worst of the verse way, she actually read a process to bail out the poorer countries in your transferring wealth and she. Got You Hannity from twenty seven countries in Europe a time when Noah's being unanimous. But everything they all agreed that they were gonNA spend hundreds of billions dollars from the wealthy country. So the poorer countries so that they'd be able to pull themselves out of the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes even if you're Scott. The grownup future of Europe, it's hard to say no to that and so. That, we can look around the world. We can see even in the team of this crisis that there are spots of effective leadership and their spots whether you're Richard War whether you're bigger small whether you're democratic or you -Tarian were focusing on expertise in science in it's helping us through this it. Maybe, we need more female in the we're all owning. A chance for her and her success. You know when you look at a new,

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