California Gives Go-Ahead For Nail Salons To Reopen; Will Los Angeles County Join Them?


You may be able to soon get that Mani pedi you've been happy having to put off for months. The state is giving the okay for nail salons to reopen, even in counties in the purple tear, meaning Corona viruses still widespread. The final decision will be made by the county's themselves. Professional Beauty Federation of California Legal Counsel Fred Jones tells connects like county may follow the state's lead. You know, I'm kind of hopeful. I probably don't have a whole other reason to be with Ella. But At least l. A has been engaging the public in our industry in these fairly regular teleconference meeting and you know now with the state Department of Public Health authorizing this statewide, including in purple counties, I think that's added reason and pressure on them to do the right thing. Feel like County Public Health Department sent K attacks, a statement saying it's reviewing the science and we'll consult with supervisors about any possible changes.

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