Raiders are off to a decent start. They might actually surprise from people here, but Jon Gruden


Night Football last night Nice effort out of Jon Gruden and his Raiders Vegas opening surprised me by beating the Ah Saints. I was in just picking winners. I get a pool in the club that my wife belongs to over here in South Jersey. Everything a week You put up a nominal amount of coin and you pick all the games and they get anywhere from 25 people into 15 people in a pool. So you any amount if you wait one winner every week, most winners and tiebreaker in the points on the Monday night game. And you never know what anybody else is doing. But I wass 16 games that we don't use Thursday night of 15 games. I was 12 and two going into the Monday night game and I took the Saints had like 53 for the points and I think it was 54. I forget the final score right now. By Israeli close. I might have won the tiebreaker, but I had the Saints to win, so I wasn't winning anything. Because it wasn't really a very hard week s. Oh, I don't think I want to pull anyway. I know I beat my wife because she was 12 into as well and he but he had the same same is made, but she only had 43 points in the tiebreak id 53 So I knew I would have won the tiebreaker against her by one household, but I didn't win the money. Good for Jon Gruden and Raiders are off to a decent start. They might actually surprise from people here, but Jon Gruden and Sean Payton were both find. For not wearing their masks during the game. Now you have one individual guy who's close to the heart to most of Philadelphia fans. Andy Reid was going above and beyond, with the Fae healed everything a week. The opening game was a nightmare. It wasn't as bad this week they reconfigured. It gave him more room to breathe or whatever, but the big red is doing it big time and sending out the right message. Three other NFL coaches Kyle Shine and Pete Cow Vic Fangio, all fat fined for not wearing the mask on the sidelines. They got hit for 100 grand a piece. And their teams got fined for A quarter million dollars each. So I'll do the quick math for you. That's five coaches at 500,005 teams at 1.25. That's $1.75 million fines paid this week because coaches didn't wear masks on the sidelines. You know what I say? Good on you, Roger Goodell. The pandemic is an over. We may like to think it over. We maybe hoping it into existence that it's going to be over. It's not over yet. Any NFL wants to be out there as a leader as a AH driving force in our lives Well, part of that is a responsibility to do. It's right and send the right message. And coach is just blowing off wearing masks on the sideline sends the wrong message. So good for Roger Goodell. 80 hit all these guys in the pocketbook, not a No one's gonna have two fold up. They can't go home and shut down their franchises because these fines and John Boudin makes more money than anybody else. So he'll write, $300,000 check and laugh. Oh, I hope

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