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At Bloomberg. Here's ELISA Parenting. It's a rough session. Cisco We've got the Dow sinking 486 points or almost 2%. We're down to 26,800 NASDAQ down two and two thirds percent, a loss of 290 points. And the SNP is falling more than 2%. Now down 69. The Bloomberg Wcbm Chicago index also retreating more than 2%. Several Federal Reserve officials are warning about the need for more stimulus to help pull the economy out of the recession. Fed chair J. Powell told a congressional panel that there's a long way to go for the economic rebound. Three other central bankers also talked about the importance of fiscal policy from Washington to help bolster the recovery. Apple shares are sinking almost 4% after analyst downgrade and Apple impacts all of the main averages. So that's certainly hurting Johnson and Johnson has started a late stage trialling up to 60,000 volunteers of its cove. It 19 vaccine. It is the only one to date that may require just one dose. The other three in late state trials require two doses. Johnson and Johnson is up just a third of a percent. We also have gains for Nike. It is the rare Gaynor it's up 7.5% after a better than expected quarterly earnings report with business now at 23 53 live from Bloomberg, ELISA Parental NewsRadio 7 81 5.9. There's a lot to love Lindsay for dot com Great

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