Meghan Markle cold-called voters with Gloria Steinem to advocate for voting


Meghan Markle and Gloria Steinem cold call the U. S citizens and encourage them to vote and I said to myself, So so. And I thought, Well, I'll read this story just to see if my Tepid reaction to that headline is is warranted. And this is Gloria Steinem and Meghan Markle cold called US voters together during their first meeting. The first thing we did and why she came to see me. We sat at the dining table here where I am right now, and we cold called voters, Gloria Steinem said in a video interview. And said Hello. I'm Meg and hello on Gloria, are you going to vote? Steinem also said that the Royal Meghan Markle is also challenging the princess stereotype. By being political. She came home to vote. So lots. Where are you being like that Lots of celebrities are doing this. They're trying to help Patton Oswalt's doing it like if Meghan Marco and or Gloria Steinem called and said, Hi, this is Megan Gloria, I'd say. Who Oh, Meg, Magda Marchal and Gloria Gloria Steinem. Oh, yeah. I know who you guys are. I'm just calling to urge you to vote. Okay? They wouldn't say so. You would come on the show and say, Guess what experience I had yesterday. Meghan Markle. The duchess called my house. And I would say not and and I would say, And to what end? Did they do that? So what?

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