2002 Week 14: Patriots vs Bills - burst 15


I don't know most of these are quarterbacks though these that are high up there. Mike Moolah got a forty nine warning the other. The other forty eight on here is a New England patriot. Well you just said. Half his first name. Mike Lonnie Paxson. Now. He's a long positions replay. Yeah. Tight end. Aaron Hernandez. He's on the other list. Not Gronkowski's on the bottom. Magic. On. Rutledge. So, it's not your main wiggins. Is Someone. It's era that we've been watching. Yeah. Really. Battled scam. CLEVELAND. Ben Watson. Oh. Yeah. He's a smart. Dude. Fuck? Yeah I get about the Watson. Era. Damn. All right. Gardner Menchu. got a forty two shit. Yeah I know he's not as dumb as he looks exactly. That's what I'm saying he's got. He's got a huge deck. Swag. The Flint clearly not yup. nope. Calvin Johnson. A forty one mega join. Yeah. I thought that was surprising. There's not many receivers on here. Ally Manning thirty nine Tony Romo, thirty seconds. His brother Tiger for. Josh Allen. Thirty seven. Wow. Wait hang up. Is there any questions about not throwing exceptions on this? I'm going to guess no. Where did Josh Allen go I want. My. Big Open Space Yeah. So let's let's look at the bottom half of the list. Thank you.

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