Boston - Signs For New Massachusetts Exit Numbers Will Start Going Up In October


Bob Dylan said the times they are a changing In Massachusetts. The signs they are a changing highway signs. That is, the federal government mandates the change so that exit numbers are based on mileage. All of this will take time. State Senator Jamie Seer has been working on an exemption for Route six on the Cape. Saying re numbering those exits will hurt businesses You advertise based on those exit numbers and whose tourists come year after year, For example, exit to one Route six will become exit 59 from from the hyper tech savvy, downright lot. I They all use cell phones to navigate with a lot of information that's already contained on it, including distance by mile. This just clearly represents Policy that one look closely doesn't make sense. If states don't comply, they could lose federal highway funding. The old and the new exit numbers will be displayed for awhile.

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