Trump to roll out plan to combat opioids with no clear funding plan


Wild wings i'm pam coulter president trump plans to unveil his plan to curb the nation's opioid epidemic tomorrow it includes the death penalty for drug dealers and a goal of cutting opioid prescriptions by a third in three years brandeis university dr andrew kalani says any plan needs funding what we didn't hear from the administration and perhaps we'll hear tomorrow is some specifics on how they intend to achieve these goals and what we still haven't had from the administration is a request for real funding to tackle this problem there's renewed concern that mr trump plans to get rid of russia's special counsel robert muller i'm tom foty the latest presidential tweets renewed speculation and apprehension about what mr trump might have in mind for an investigator investigating him retiring republican senator jeff flake don't go there we have confidence in muller i certainly do and and i think my colleagues do as well so i hope that the pushback is now to keep the president from going there and what if he does once he goes after muller then we'll take action i think that people see that as a massive red line senator flake was on cnn state of the union tom foty cbs news washington after winning another term as russia's president president vladimir putin told reporters he'd cooperate with britain's investigation into the poisoning of a former russian spy but denied any russian involvement russia does not have those weapons russia's most all its chemical weapons some believe president trump will pull out of the iran nuclear deal in may ploughshares fund president joseph kony says it would have to be salvaged by european nations in western europeans can find some way to mollify the president i think the president will leave the deal and this will be a disaster for american national security the family of a dog that died on.

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