Women's March leader Tamika Mallory defends relationship with Farrakhan


Situation and will play that okay you follow me yacht so here's the latest we've got the woman mayor of oakland warning illegal immigrants of of impending ice raids and completely defined jeff sessions doj laws okay this is all women related because as the day of women two of the women's march founders the ones that you know went to dc with their special little knitted hats um they now have have been revealed to have ties to louis farrakhan mr anti semite extraordinaire although the two women or to make a mallory in carmen peres okay and they're they're trying to wiggle their way around this whole thing they've got total association with his group in they're trying to some help make it seem like it's okay it's not really anti women what farakkhan's doing ok we've got heather luckily lear an old school i 80s actress beating upper boy for it apparently threatening hobbs getting a shame filled mugshot in their home was searched okay she's been in the news we've got amelia earhart she's in the news because they say hurt the remains found their ninety nine percent sure that it's her on an island somewhere out in what the east pacific advocate where called it the specific the specific it was on a specific abu very specific island in the pacific i'll gate we get sabrina barnes of trustful alabama put in for you to shame with her national anthem sung at the walmart of center with sony was really good yes and that was only fifty seconds of it while we've got the 24yearold mother of two living on the island of cyprus maki six thousand dollars by selling her breast milk to bodybuilder oh yeah well i mean there is a market for the bad seventy two year old dolly parton she donates her one hundred million book from her literacy nonprofit organization to the library of congress or the dalai yep stormy daniels you know who she she wants now to talk about the affair with.

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