Stormy Daniels sues President Trump over alleged affair


Thousand customers still without power overnight from virginia to me was story daniel suing president trump while the white house says the president has already won an arbitration case against the adult film star porn star stormy daniels arguing her nondisclosure agreement is null and void daniels claims she and the president beginning intimate relationship in the summer of two thousand six in lake tahoe a relationship that included at least one meeting in a bungalow at the beverly hills hotel i spoke with her lawyer teacher client stormy daniels have sex with president trump guess there's no doubt about that no doubt in my mind in the complaint daniels acknowledges signing what she calls all rush agreement something she has not done before abc news chief national correspondent tom llamas one student was killed and other student critically injured in a school shooting wednesday in birmingham alabama both victims are 17 years old birmingham police chief orlando wilson asked of students and faculty were forced to shelter in place as mandis dan in that when this happens school was absent process of pain over for the day and that it late this situation led to a procedure us officials are calling the shooting at huffman high school accidental on wall street wednesday the dow closed down eighty three points you're listening to abc news new york times blooming stone critics everywhere all wrong raving about annihilation turn he's home mindblowing experience she now at certify fresher mutton tomatoes annihilation are now playing high it's jamie progressive number one number two employees leave a message at that page amy it's me jamie this is your daily pep talk i know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your all cappella.

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