Oklahoma teachers risk losing support as walkout continues, some say


Wbz news time is six twenty we've got thirty one degrees clear skies in boston good morning i'm art cohen wbz news our top stories now it's opening day at fenway david price takes the ball for the five one red sox fans can look forward to new concession offerings like jane doe cookie dough ice cream and creme brulee french toast the check and see if our cafeteria has that this morning gusty winds overnight if left over nine thousand customers in massachusetts without power mostly in the western part of the state criminal justice reform bill passes through both the house and senate on beacon hill the bill features reforms to the states bail system and the elimination of some mandatory minimum sentences for low level drug offenders positive signs for those who were shot by female gunman at youtube headquarters in california doctors say it appears all of the victims will survive and now only one remains in the hospital his condition is improving to other victims both women one who was initially in critical condition have been released from soccer berg san francisco general hospital they've now gone home the only death it appears we'll be data the shooter who killed herself alex stone abc news san bruno california a teacher walkout continues for a fourth straight day in oklahoma concerns are being raised at the longer the protests goes the more teacher risk losing public support oklahoma republicans passed a tax hike for hundreds of millions of dollars for public schools and teacher pay raises but educators marched on the capital anyway frustrated over years of budget cuts swelling class sizes and a decade without a raise schools in oklahoma's largest districts remained closed including oklahoma city tulsa and many suburban communities questions are being asked about the origin of the poison in the russian spy case here looking for answers here including the opposition labor party politician diana questions the balance of probability and it's not helpful for say it's one hundred percents sets pizza and we want to go the evidence meanwhile russia's on to the international chemical weapons watchdog is complained that britain's work with the agency has lacked transparency russia's called for an open meeting of the un security council today to discuss the current situation tom rivers abc news at the.

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