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Games a private funeral service will take place today for professor stephen hawking who died just over two weeks ago the service will be held at a church the cambridge college where he worked for more than fifty years pioneering the science behind black hose his ashes will be interred in june in westminster abbey in london world news from the bbc hello and welcome to health check from the bbc where we have the latest health and medical research for you i'm claudia hammond and i have my trusty cup of tea with me in the studio to perk me up but a new study conducted in embassies in iceland and latvia suggests that maybe more light is what i need you can't have daylight you can do it with electric lighting if you can't do electric light you should pick up your laptop and go sit by a window or go sit in a place outdoors maybe two conference calls outside do walking meetings outside and can stimulating the spinal cord in the right way ease back pain and it's welcome back to james kelleher the bbc's health and science correspondent who has news of the discovery possibly of a brand new organ in the body and why rubber ducks in the bath might not be the healthy option at bath time do you have an annual both james i have a collection of rubber ducks plus a dolphin turtle an octopus and a pufferfish and is that just since you had your baby girl or or did you have those law.

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