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This is episode seventy one of the fierce and fabulous podcast with emily harsh how low and welcome to the fit fierce and fabulous podcast my name is courtney bentley and i'm the sounder of the fit and fabulous club a certified personal trainer in inspirational speaker for the gym to the stage i've found my passionate hoping space get fit their business and looks fabulous while doing it every week i'm bringing you top experts help you reach your full potential life i through those doors and the confidence you have an infection energy and suzy for life sit down pour some wine and let's become this here and fabulous welcome back to the show you is to the we have abberley her sean and she someone that i am just i'm i'm just blown away by okay listen you guys she has twenty three years old she is a facebook strategist she hopes people entrepreneurs businesses small businesses do facebook ads with strategy and she started this business and she runs a huge business you guys are learned so much about her today she started this business by starting as virtual system with the skill set she had and slowly growing learning any volving and at the age of twenty three she has her very own business and it's not just a business it's a company okay scratch that it's a frigging company and she has created the life that she envisioned she's created a business that is growing.

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