Grindr, Criticized for Not Protecting Users HIV Status, Draws Criticism from WeHo City Council Members


To stop and addicts path to self destruction under ricky's law drug users may be committed to treatment if the court decides they pose a threat to themselves or to others the deadline for closing the russian consulate here in seattle has passed komo's eric heintz reports aside from security officers today there is little trace of russians inside the consulate and residents in madison park were ordered closed by the trump administration in retaliation for russia's alleged use of a nerve agent to poison a former russian intelligence agent and his daughter in britain monday was the deadline the us expelled sixty russian diplomats and closed russia's seattle operation which the white house as an outpost for intelligence agents a former local fbi agent told the seattle times consulates can be used to run covert activities and naval base kitsap boeing and microsoft are potential local targets eric heintz komo news sali's and auburn releasing a video they hope will solve the mystery of a hit and run that happened nearly two months ago komo's steve mccarron with more with little evidence no witnesses and no suspects auburn police hope this surveillance video will help lead to something bigger aclu's some tidbit of information that can help them identify the person behind the wheel of this older white or light colored sedan that was driving south on a street southeast the night of february seventh but you can actually see the car hits connie braswell driver never slowed down never stopped just left her out on the road police say the car that hit braswell likely has significant front end damage should may have been a toyota someone a relative a friend a coworker has to know something about who was driving it and where the car might be now the victim remains in critical condition at harborview medical center popular gay dating app grinder says it will stop sharing its users hiv status that move comes after criticism from the aids healthcare foundation grinder says the data was not used to target advertisers were sold to third parties it was given to two companies to test the apps performance now they're working to remove that information from those companies the man shot and killed near seattle center early sunday mornings been identified as twenty one year old trayvon mccoy mccoy who was a local rapper last performed saturday night was shot in the head at first avenue north and republican street police have not released.

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