Syrian army splinters rebel enclave in Ghouta onslaught

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Live from NPR News in Washington on Giles Snyder, the Syrian government assault on the rebel-held enclave of eastern Gouda is continuing today with airstrikes in fierce fighting on the ground. A two largest rebel groups in eastern Kuta vowed to resist the army's offensive. But the BBC Sebastian Osher reports save lost more than half of the enclave's territory in the past couple of weeks of fighting the Syrian government since it seized move in half of eastern Gutu in this ferocious, three-week assault move in one thousand civilians have already been killed. That will move casualties of the night, is as strikes continued despite residents taking refuge in that basements. The most intense battle seems to be on the eastern edge of the area still under rebel control. This is the stronghold of one of the two main rebel groups fighting back a rough men part of the free Syrian army. There are reports that local leaders on the go, She eighteen and evacuation deal for one of the towns that final. Rodman has denied this vowing to fight on as the fighting in eastern Gouda intensifies Defense Secretary James Mattis as warning the Syrian Government against the use of chemical weapons. Mattis told reporters traveling with him in the Middle East said, he's aware of unconfirmed reports of the use of chlorine gas President Trump took his message on his tariffs. He's planning to impose on steel and aluminum imports to Pennsylvania. Steel country spoke last night in western Pennsylvania at a campaign rally M moon Township aimed at boosting the Republican candidate in Tuesday's special election for a house seat. When we start running in, Can you believe it two years from now is drawing, Give me key America, gray exclamation by Keep America. Trump spoke about the tariffs amid international concern about how they would affect the global economy. He also sounded optimistic about his potential meeting with North Korea's leader. The house will vote this week on a school safety Bill drafted in response to the Parkland school shooting. The bill supporters say it could help prevent such violence as an Pierre Susan Davis reports. The stopped school Violence Act is the first action congresses taking since the February fourteen shooting at a Florida high school left seventeen dead. The legislation does not affect gun rights. It establishes a federal grant program to train students. Teachers and other school administrators had identify and intervene when an individual shows early signs of violence, The bill's chief sponsor, Florida. Republican Congressman, John Rutherford is a former Jacksonville Sheriff. He says, the bill is intended to stop violent attacks before they can occur Utah Republican. Senator Orrin Hatch has sponsored a similar bill in the Senate, but there is no vote scheduled there yet, Susan Davis, NPR News, the capital from Washington, You're listening to NPR News. Wall Street is heading into the trading week after a rally on Friday, Steve back Noor says, the Labor Department's report at three hundred thirteen thousand jobs were added to the US economy last month was welcome news on Wall Street. It seems rumors of the bull markets demise were premature following a week in which trade war fears caused heavy selling. Investors were relieved when President Trump softened his stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum, and they were thrilled by the employment report even though non-farm payroll surged and more people entered the labour force wage gains were moderate and that helped calm Wall Street fears of aggressive Federal Reserve interest rate hikes with Friday strong finish The DOW ended the week up by three and a quarter percent The S and P's higher by three and a half and the NASDAQ by more than four percent For NPR News. I'm Steve Bucknor and Beijing today lawmakers said China's annual session of Parliament. The National People's Congress approved constitutional changes that would abolish term limits on the presidency. Nearly three thousand hand-picked delegates approved the amendment the move would allow Xi Jinping to serve as president indefinitely moving to Japan which is marking today's seventh anniversary of the earthquake that said office, who NAMI the killed more than eighteen thousand people and caused a partial meltdown of the Pook Oshima nuclear power plant at the official ceremony in Tokyo today prime minister in Prime Minister Shinzo Ave said more than seventy thousand people remain displaced. I'm trial Snyder NPR News.

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