March Madness begins Thursday


The journal translational psychiatry confirms earlier research that empathy or how much we recognize the feelings of other people is partially due to our genes ten percent to be exact it also found women are more empathetic than men but the difference is not due to dna and finally the same genetic variance associated with lower empathy or also linked to higher risk for autism one researcher said the genetic link to empathy helps us understand people such as those with autism who struggled to imagine and others thoughts and feelings pam coulter cbs news in sports march madness mile just around the corner the first four officially start the anc aa tournament tuesday wednesday in dayton ohio topseed is virginia tom foty cbs news mostly clear sky we're heading down to thirty degrees overnight iranian bush in local news get those brackets ready it's march madness time then it gets underway in earnest on thursday round one of the nc aa college basketball tournament couple of local teams in the mix pan as sixteen seed meets number one kansas in wichita villanova another one seed facing the winner of liu brooklyn and radford wild cats playing in pittsburgh also on thursday kyw ed benkin has with nova fans on the main line has become an annual tradition.

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