In Syria, at least 18 killed in attacks as more people flee

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U s central command said other us forces were conducting search and rescue operations and investigating the cause of the crash thursday the iraqi military said the helicopter and crew had been supporting iraqi forces in the outcome area near the iraq syrian border when it crashed for technical reasons the us has about five thousand troops in iraq supporting iraqi forces in the fight against isis isis has been mostly driven out of iraq in syria but the group still is believed to have a presence in iraq's western desert jane arraf npr news cairo russian news agencies are reporting that moscow will now added more americans to their blacklist of sanctions it's in retaliation for a us decision on thursday to sanction several russian people and entities for russian interference in us elections and for cyber attacks in syria syrian kurds report that turkey is attacking the northern town of a freeing they say at least eighteen people have been killed turkey is trying to push back the syrian kurds from the border turkey considers them a terrorist organization you're listening to npr the business company belonging to president trump says it has been turning over documents for months to the special counsel who was looking into russian interference in us elections the new york times reported on thursday that special counsel robert muller had sent a subpoena to the trump organization that sought documents including those related to russia muller's office has not commented the white house spokeswoman says they will continue to cooperate today vietnam is marking the fiftieth anniversary of the meal massacre whereas us soldiers killed more than five hundred people michael sullivan reports the thera moni was held at the site that's now a memorial to the victims many of them elderly men women and children killed fifty years ago today by us soldiers who were sent on a mission to confront the viet cong found none and turn their weapons on the villagers instead the ceremony was attended by survivors their families and a collection of us vietnam war veterans among others some of the vietnamese spoke of overcoming their pain in a spirit of forgiveness some of the americans expressed what one called remorse regret and sorrow for what took place in and around me lie for npr news i'm michael sullivan royat thailand the united nations staff engineer say they have called a strike for today they're action means that the human rights council and.

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