U.S. military copter crashes with 7 troops on board


Three five there were seven people on board a us military helicopter that crashed in iraq and h h sixty pave hawk helicopter crashed in iraq thursday near the border with syria there were seven personnel onboard the chopper at the time an investigation is underway but according to the military early indication say no hostile fire was involved in the accident the cause of the crash has not been confirmed this accident comes one day after two naval aviators were declared dead after their f eighteen fighter jet crashed off the coast of key west florida i'm john lawrence reporting british prime minister theresa may has been joined by australian leader malcolm turnbull in condemning the nerve agent attack on a former russian spy in south western england downing street says turn expressed his complete solidarity with the uk and its response to the attempted murder while the us and other nations have also condemned the attack and russia denies the attack and threatens reprisals i'm evan haning investments insecurities involves the risk of loss the following is a far too common tale of investing in annuities a successful couple invested a large portion of their savings and annuities thinking they were a safe way to guarantee a dependable income streams no matter what the market did.

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